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Bookings and Payment

  • Once you approve the itinerary you must proceed with a deposit to book and confirm your trip.
  • The deposit must be the 50% of the total for your travel services which cover Mexcal Travel services and allow us to assign date and time to our vehicles. You can make the deposit with a Bank Transference or Western Union
  • The remaining 50% that covers third party services you can pay it at least 48 hours before arrival or with your VISA credit card when you arrive (only if you arrive at least 24 hours before your itinerary departure time), but please keep in mind that visa has a 6% extra charge per transaction. So we recommend that you make the 2nd deposit with a bank transference at least 48 hours before your trip departure or in any other case you can pay us in cash, in US Dollars or Quetzales at Arrival.
  • Please keep in mind that we do not do refunds bigger than the 75% and that in any case of cancelation we will keep a 25% to cover our time and any expenses these procedure costed us.


Mexcal has special agreements with all the hotels we work with, when we send you a trip itinerary and you choose to book it, the hotels availability, reservations or bookings will be made previous to your payment or 50% deposit. In order to book your trip with us, you must send us an email to: indicating that you accept the itinerary table suggested as it is and that you want to proceed with the trip booking confirmation and payment, also indicating that you are ready to pay the 50% deposit of the total or the total cost of the travel services Mexcal is offering to you.


All the vehicles we used are own by Mexcal and all of them count with the permitions required by the law to provide the transportation services as displayed in your trip itinerary. All vehicles count with air conditioning, optimal mechanical conditions and insurance. But you must understand that we required that you have a health and travel insurance while traveling with us, as you are booking on your own risk and we do not cover you in case of any accident or healt problem you might have while traveling with Mexcal.


The cancelation of this trip must be done at least 7 days before the departure date and time of the trip, this most be done via e-mail and at the moment of the cancelation the customer most show evidence of the cacelation reason and the e-mail sent to Mexcal to proceed or start with cancelation process. At the moment of the cancelation the customer most understand that we will not refund more than the 60% of the total price of the trip or service booked if the trip was paid in total, if the customer did not pay the total of the services requested, in the case the deposit given by the customer to confirm his trip was 50% or less of the total for the services booked according to the itinerary offered the customer will not get any refund , this because of: Reservations, operations,comunications and any other expenses that Mexcal has done for the services requested by the customer. If the cancelation is not done under the conditions above mentioned there will not be any refund.

I have read this document and understand the conditions under which I will be traveling with Mexcal, also I understand the inclusions and exclusions on the trip Itinerary or service requested as described on the itinerary table that Mexcal did pro vide to me when I confirmed my participation on this trip, I accept all the conditions above mention and I confirm it with my signature.

Damage to vehicles, private property or third person´s belongings

In the case that one of the participants destroys or damage vehicles, hotel´s property, other participants property, private property, rented gear or provided gear by Mexcal or any other tour operator or services involved on the trip itinerary, Etc, the participant will be responsible for the act and he/she will have to repair or replace the damaged object, and in the case that the participant denies to comply with this responsibility he/she will not be allowed to continue traveling with the group and will have to understand that he/she will be responsible as well for the effects of the law and that Mexcal will not represent, assist or be held responsible by any participant´s bad behavior or for any act of destruction or damage. It is also important to mention that there will not be refunds of any nature and that Mexcal will act this way to protect the safety of the traveling group, staff, equipment, gear vehicles, respect to the law, and the identity as reputation of the company.

Travel Conditions

Is very important to mention that because of natural causes or incidents on the way there might be delays and changes on the trip, due to situations out of our hands. We expect the participants to cooperate in case of any of these events while our tour leader and Mexcal or the representative of the company in charge of the service solves the situation. In the case that the health condition or human integrity of the traveler is at risk and the traveller does not have travel or health insurance, he/she most understand that he/she is travelling at her/his own risk. A Mexcal representative will assist the participant affected to hire the proper services as the situation requires but will not provide any kind of economical assistance or pay for any of the services. The traveler must understand that Mexcal is released from any responsibility in these cases and it must be clear that we recommend that travelers hire the insurance services to have the medical services covered in the case that they are needed. For safety reasons all of our travelers must understand that we do not recommend to be on the road after 8:00 pm this due to the road conditions and other dangers and annoyances and in order to allow us to offer you a comfortable and safe trip you must understand that every single trip we offer has a schedule and it needs to be followed as the trip itinerary and time table shows, on this way we can accomplish the itinerary and avoid to make other participants in the tour wait for us or break the itinerary logistics. All of our participants must carry with them a photo ID or passport copy, according to the law you have to be able to identify yourself otherwise there could be legal penalties, also you must carry a copy of your travel and medical insurance. You must provide to Mexcal enough information to contact your family or any person close to you that can provide help from your home country in case of emergency.

Respect to the Law

Mexcal will not be responsible for any illegal act by any of the participants. Every participant must understand that in the case that he/she breaks the law she/he will be responsible for the consequences according to the law. Mexcal will not be held responsible in any way in these cases. Also if any participant breaks the law or puts the safety of the other participants or staff of the company at risk the participant will not be allowed to continue traveling with Mexcal and automatically will be evicted from the trip, and must understand that there will not be a refund for the money paid for this trip and that Mexcal will not represent him/her in any way and will not provide any type of assistance to the law breaker in any case.


Before starting your trip, you must understand that activities including but not limited to: volcano hiking, surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, white water rafting, motorbike rental or activities, mountain bike tours, caving, sky diving, diving, snorkelling and parachuting, transportation and other activities on this itinerary as well as other activities arranged by participants or with the assistance of Mexcal, must be accepted by the participants understanding that there is risk of physical injury, death, or material losses, and it must be clear for the participants that Mexcal is not responsible for any consequence caused by these activities or services and due to that we highly recommend that you have a travel and health insurance so we can better assist you in the case of any incident.

Contact or Bookings Form:

Please fill the form below with your personal information and comments about our services or any question you have about traveling in Guatemala, one of our representatives will contact you in the next 24 to 48 hours.