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Why travel with Mexcal

From our CEO to our Clients

This page is dedicated to our clients who wander who we are and what is our vision as a travel agency and company, what is the quality of services we provide and to give you the reasons to travel with us. We hope this text helps you to understand what is that we do and we will be looking forward to travel with you.

We are a company that offers high quality private travel services, together with a personal service and 24/7 customer service. The fact that we provide private services does not mean our services are expensive and they are related to the type of services you want us to include in your adventure itinerary, so no matter if you want to stay in a basic hotel, hostel or 5 star hotel, we can definitely help you to plan your trip.

One of the most important services we provide is transportation, all of our tours are operated in private vehicles that count with insurance and profesional drivers, this service is the key for your adventure, the fact of having a private vehicle means that you can stop for a break a snack or anything you need to do since the vehicle is dedicated to our clients since the very first second the itinerary starts.

Mexcal also has as a goal to be a company that brings oportunities to Guatemala, all the countries we visit at the moment and that we travel through in the future. So we hire local companies and guides at each location we visit in order to provide the locals with work everytime we visit them. Also Mexcal is creating at the moment a socia side for our company called One Life Projects, which wil be helping kids from Guatemala to get education, and we will not sponsor thousands, but our goal is to walk some lifes all the way to university and maybe also have them in the future as the ones who run the company.

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